Worldwide Experience in varied Industries
USA, Vietnam, China, all of Pacific Rim, Mexico, Germany & Canada
CFR 20 OSHA Construction (all types - commercial / residential / industrial)
CFR 29 OSHA Industry (Manufacturing, Hotels, Resorts, Offices, Mining, Industrial)
CFR 49 DOT Hazardous Materials Handling / Shipping
CFR 49 Class 1 Explosives Hazmat Training by ATFE /     
             ISEE at Redstone Arsenal USA Army Base
Quality Inspection for raw materials and products being manufactured in plants for export
If you wish I can offer any of the listed items below: 
1.        Quality Inspection/Quality Audits for products manufactured domestic or for export.
2.        Catastrophe Procedure for company and employees for risk and safety awareness and how to deal with the situation
3.        Contingency Plan for company in case of unexpected disaster or set back for risk and safety to keep your business going
4.      Anti Terrorism Plan to comply with DOT and Homeland Security and National Counter-Terrorism Plan (NCTP)
5.      DOT Safety Security Plan CFR 49 for in-house hazardous materials and shipping International of Hazardous Materials 
              (Truck, Ship, Train, Air)  Help establish bill of lading process for in-house tracking and audits by Customs Division
6.      Shipping & receiving Plan for safe and legal processes (Your own purchasing or shipping for guest comply to CFR49)
7.      Safety & knowledge programs for Fork Lift, pallet movers, All-Terrain vehicle, mower equipment, floor buffers, etc.
8.      Safety inspections on Company vehicles, shuttle bus, Hand Tools, Pallet jacks, forklifts, Lawn maintenance equipment, etc.
9.      MSDS support (Material Safety Data Sheets) for products on-site including hazardous and non-hazardous products in 
          all divisions of your company. If you ship international this is critical. If an employee is injured or a major incident 
          occurs on-site you the hospital will need the MSDS sheet, fire department will need MSDS sheet, rescue will need MSDS.
10.    Personnel Security review including employees, managers & owners. Audit employee rest areas, entrances and exits.
11.    Set up on-site awareness for staff, managers & employees based on specific needs as management deems necessary
12.    Sub-contractor & Vendor knowledge awareness while on your site for compliance to safety and risk management 
13.    Emergency Response Program in case of medical, fire, police or hazmat or hazardous material events
14.    Planning for a Hurricane, Typhoon, Tsunami, high tidal water event, earthquake, tornado, high winds - Safety awareness tips
15.     Inspect products on production lines, preview raw materials, random product audit, spec & design compliance
16.     On-Site safety inspection of employee installers or construction crews. 1 st , 2 nd. or 3 rd party audit for evaluation.
17.     Safety Procedure Manual for company process & procedures / Security assessment for staff, building and property
18.     Hotel Hospitality Industry quality inspection for assistance in staff training, Fire protection, employee safety, Client
           Customer safety, property safety, equipment safety, laundry services safety, vehicle safety, Loss Prevention and management
               awareness training. We can customize our services to your needs, your investors requirements and the insurance companies.
19.      Member International Society of Explosive Engineers safety quality engineer 1.1 Hazmat Trained - member ISEE
20.    Mentor and Volunteer for worthy programs and causes. 
Quality & Risk Safety Audits
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 Training of staff is an issue! 
  Awareness of vulnerability
 is even more important!
I will share with you as part of the audit report valued documents for future use:
Incidents / Accident  / injury / iIlness form
Near Miss form (sample on tab to right, just click on it)
Witness Report form including Eye witness & Star witness sections
Supervisor report form for injury, accident, incident, property damage, fatality, near miss  
Employee report form for incidents / accidents / injury / illness
Preservation of evidence format & procedure due to theft, loss, incidents, accidents, invasion, etc.
Employee permission form for your company to do your due diligence background check to include periodically run background checks on employees or sub contractors for driving record, financial, criminal, legal issues, driver’s license, DOT, professional organization memberships, continued education requirements and other general background information that may impact your job responsibilities and/ or duties. This also provides the employer to perform random drug test and/or substance abuse test as well as drug test or substance abuse test upon request at anytime as deemed necessary for employer, insurance underwriter  OSHA or DOT regulations.

In the USA businesses use the CFR 29 OSHA as a guideline to safety in the workplace to protect the employee, sub contractors, guest and the customer to prevent accidents or incidents that may cost your company money, 
loss of business or bad publicity. Use OSHA CFR 20 or CFR 29 to train employees. The new version of OSHA just was released for 2011 and I spent 5 days at the University of South Florida updating my credits. I am also certified with CFR 20 OSHA for construction and the CFR 49 for DOT shipment and handling of hazardous materials. I am also trained for DOT IMG on overseas shipping for placarding, containers, Hazmat, bill of ladings, customs, etc. 

I have special training as well with explosives & an active member of International Society of Explosive 
Engineers (ISEE). I also have a Civil Engineering degree (TCE) specializing in drainage, wet lands, infrastructure, water run-off, holding ponds, environmental use of water and loss prevention of needed water

I am certified for OPEN water diving and NITROX diving.

It is still your obligation as a manager or owner of the Hotel, Manufacturing facility 
or larger business to be 100% sure that the staff is properly prepared, aware and trained 
to know the property is safe for employees, sub contractors, customers, visitors & community.

All of this will help lower / maintain your insurance MOD rate, prevent loss, improve 
employee retention and lower your overall cost of business. Your investors and 
corporate office will appreciate this program. 

As you very well know, Training of staff is an issue! 
                  Awareness of vulnerability 
                          is more important!
Kenneth CoffingHRM, TCE, QM, QI, CM, CPHA
Healthcare Risk Manager, HRM    Retired Civil Engineer safety management
OSHA CFR 20 & OSHA CFR 29 Certified
Technical Civil Engineering, TCE
Quality Management, QM    Quality Inspection, QI   Quality Auditor QM
Case Management, CM
Certified Public Healthcare Administrator, CPHA
(ISEE) International Society Explosive Engineers,

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Kenneth Coffing 肯尼斯.卡菲林, HRM, TEC, CPHA, QM, CM
Worldwide Business Development Manager
Corporate Risk Manager 公司风险经理 HRM
Quality Manager / Quality Auditor QM
OSHA Standard
CFR 20 construction
CFR 29 industry
CFR 49 DOT transport

Professional Consultant
doing consulting work worldwide

Skype: vietnamgoesgolfing
Focus is to represent American companies sourcing to 
factories in Vietnam, China or Pacific Rim.

Kenneth Coffing, HRM, TCE, QM, QI, CM, CPHA
Mentor & Volunteer
Quality & Risk Safety Audits Worldwide
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Based in Nashville TN USA area