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Funny pictures of safety - Serious pictures of safety
Make do welding face shield
Unsafe forklift use - worker riding
Unsafe swing bridge in Asia
3 men weigh more than one man on plank
Yes FAA, Santa needs to stay out of our flight air space
Ouch...nail guns can hurt.
Hard hat vs. hair style
  Not only humans need safety, problem is Polar Bears can not read !
Now I said rare, not well done ! Any sun screen?
Mom, just hold me here for 30 minutes, I will get the kid later
Properly set up safety ladder with cones
Moving luggage from lobby to hotel rooms
  Feet on ladder set up  safety ????????
  Food poisoning can come from dirty hands
Two forklifts, one lifting the other, men standing on both, over loading forks of lift and guys on top not tied off. How many violations is this?
  Now how stupid is this? 
Is this a cargo vehicle?
Even safety on beach is needed
  Transporting a ladder with a man on each end

Creative ladder set up

  Stacked offset ladders not secured
Improper scaffold set up on unstable cell block
Mouse knows to wear safety helmet
Highway safety with ladder out both windows
Unsafe scaffold no rails, not secured, no fall protection
High water from Ocean stacks cars, airplanes and anything else that was in the waves path
Non safe cargo on motor bike
Trench dug by tractor then safety ladder put in trench for safe exit escape by workers preventing confined space
Non safe aluminum ladder in water with electric drill
Unsafe with no harness, safety lines or safety netting
Painters on unsafe scaffold and no tie off or railing
Not exactly a hard hat
Open trench no escape for confined space
People safety not important, animal diet is important
No safety harness on roof
Hey where is the pool that was here a month ago?