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Delay tactics for on-line inspection

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 11/27/11

If you go to a factory for an audit inspection and they do everything in their power to delay you and keep you off the production line how would you handle this?

Do you sit for tea for one hour or do you insist to go to the line immediately?

Second party audit on vendor / suppliers to your client

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 11/27/11

Not many Asian companies understand the value of visiting their supplier / vendors to see the quality and safety of the product they are providing you for the end product. Should you encourage the USA company assigning projects to manufacturers in Asia to have 2 nd. party audits on suppliers? Would you give advance notice on this audit? If you find major issues how would you handle them?

Quality vs. Safety in a manufacturing plant in Vietnam or China

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 11/27/11

While performing a quality audit in an Asian manufacturing plant you see terrible safety issues IE: open hazards to hands, exposed electical wires, trip hazards, exposure to eye injury from items projected into walkways, etc. Do you try to suggest to the staff of the issue or do you ignore it?

Human value in dollars is only worth maybe 5 million VND if a death occurs. What is a lost finger or hand worth?

Is my Hotel shuttle vehicle a liability?

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 06/17/11

Most 5 star Hotels provide a shuttle service for guest. This is usually considered to be a hospitality plus +. Is this however a liability for the Hotel owners? Yes, indeed! Should the guest fall down out of the shuttle, problem! Should the shuttle get in an auto accident on the highway and the guest are physically or mentally injured, problem! Should the shuttle be robbed during transit, problem! Should the shuttle have a mechanical problem either fire, exhaust, window breaks, windshield breaks, etc. and the guest are impacted, problem! Should the personal belongings, baggage, purses, cameras, etc. be stolen out of the shuttle who is responsible, problem! Should the driver stop along the way for a gas stop or bathroom break, can negative issues arise, YES! It is nice to offer extended services but staff must be aware of potential hazards or happenings. As the saying goes "error to caution".

Safety and Risk in Hotels from Tourist Guest and staff

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 06/17/11

Especially in the 5 star Hotels where informed educated wealthy guest travel to the opportunity for Risk Loss is great! Lets say: A guest slips on the tile floor just mopped and they have a cell phone with photo camera installed as most are. They or there friend captures a mop bucket, wet floor, no warning signs and a worker standing near by; victim cracks skull open with a severe injury. The Hotel better immediately take action, call me and take corrective action. If not, the guest very well may hire legal assistance and take action. You better hope the person that falls dies and is not permanately disabled / injured. The financial settlement will be beyond belief, maybe forever damaging the finances and reputation of the Hotel. International courts will be utilized costing all parties huge legal fees, let alone damages or settlement. Yes, a simple every day happening of mopping floors could cost you your business. Only imagine the loss of revenue.

What if your cell phone rang and the voice says " I do not know what to say"

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 06/15/11

As a Risk Manager unfortunately I have had to make calls to love ones, friends and family to inform them of a terrible unexpected accident at a job site. Nothing ever prepares you for that moment to have to say "Your husband died today". Then later to have to explain to officials and corporate people why this man was not properly trained, supervised or provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Why did the this man doing his daily job come to work without his hard hat? Why did that piece of equipment fall 50 feet to hit him directly in the head? Why did the Project Manager not do proper house cleaning? Why no on-site inspection to prevent this? Ask yourself, what is a human life worth? Ask yourself, what can I do?

Safety and Quality Inspections / Audits in Danang manufacturing facilities

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 06/13/11

Does anyone know how frequent the manufacturing facilities have 2 nd. or 3 rd. party audits at their own manufacturing plant facilities? Do the clients having products made at the plants require or request for non bias inspections be performed?

Is Safety and Risk Management in Vietnam a real concern?

by Kenneth Coffing, CTE, HRM, QM, QI, CM, CPHA on 06/13/11

Since most developers and investors in Central Vietnam are foreign companies they are familiar with safety and risk issues including OSHA CFR 20 and OSHA CFR 29, does there insurance underwriters ignore safety or do they require compliance to protect the liability of the developer, contractor, investor and employees?