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From: Kenneth Coffing, TCE, QM, QI, CPHA

RE: Quality Auditor Inspector for manufacturing production products – Risk Assessment - DOT export expert CFR 49

Please allow me to introduce myself to you and your client base. I have over 35+ years of experience auditing & quality control in manufacturing plant facilities working on thousands of projects in hundreds of product lines. I have audited for industry sector and government sector. Quality audits have taken me to Pacific Rim including Viet Nam & China plus to Mexico and United States. 
I also have experience in testing, listing, sampling, compliance, Consumer Products Commission, Quarantine between countries; export CFR 49 DOT for airline, ocean and trucking. I am the ONLY certified 1.1 Explosives Safety Engineer in Vietnam and listed in the ISEE ( International Society of Explosive Engineers). I have all my OSHA certifications as well. 

You may check my credentials on LinkedIn at   and on our website 

I am an American from St. Petersburg Florida USA and have spent over 14+ years on the Pacific Rim based in Da Nang, Saigon Viet Nam and in China. I recently branched out to base out of Gallatin TN just 24 miles north of Nashville TN.

You may offer to your clients ordering manufactured products my name and contact to be an independent quality auditor inspector while their products are in process of manufacturing and shipment packaging. I will act on their behalf to perform inspections for compliance to designs, testing, quality demands and shipment compliance. If deemed necessary by your client I can perform random sampling for testing, inspection or mail back to them for review. Of course the importer will pay my fees, not the factory. This will give the importer peace of mind that a non bias audit inspector from USA is helping to produce the quality products they are seeking. 

•         Companies ordering products to be manufactured will trust you more
•         Companies pay the quality auditing fee
•         Companies DO NOT want product problems so they will see this as a step of assurance to quality fast delivery
•         Companies will see value in my random sampling and on-line inspection
•         Companies will award you more contracts to manufacture for shipment worldwide

Ultimately your relationship using my services will enhance your good relationship with all of your clients. My style of auditing is to benefit all parties and to allow the manufacturing facility opportunities to increase their awareness plus profits. I offer to continue to Mentor the manufacturing staff after the audit is completed. 

We will work together to help your business!

Best regards in quality and safety,

Kenneth CoffingTCE, HRM, CPHA, QM, CM
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